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Study and Working as a Student in Austia


 Admission requirements for Austrian universities

Foreign citizens (or stateless people) must meet the following requirements to be admitted as regular students in Austrian university degree programs:

To study in the course of a university, a place must be available.

The applicant must possess a high school diploma, which satisfies an Austrian Matura examination certification, or submit proof of satisfactory completion of a minimum three-year course of study at another institution certified to offer post-secondary education.

The certification must meet the requirements of the desired course of study in the country in which it was acquired. Any university-related requirements (e.g. entrance examination) must be met in the country in which the A-level/high school diploma was obtained.

If the Austrian course of study is not offered in the country of residence, then the most similar course of study must be presented as proof of eligibility. Only when the country of residence does not have a university does this proof not have to be provided.

Another requirement is that the applicant possess sufficient knowledge of German, if necessary, an examination must be taken.

Due date

Every year by 5 September or 5 February of the following semester.

There are exceptions

At Austrian universities of the arts, foreigners have the same application periods as Austrian residents, and admission is based on the entrance examination. EU and EEA citizens get the same application periods as Austrian residents.

Please take note that foreigners who come to Austria under an Erasmus programme for a short time (and who do not intend to complete an entire course of study) do not need to take an entrance exam.

Documents required

  • Passport, identity card or proof of citizenship in combination with an official identification with photo
  • A-levels, high school diploma or equivalent certification
  • Transcript with grades from the last school year
  • Various filled-out forms:
  • Application form for admission
  • Registration form
  • Form for statistics
  • Student document of identification with photograph attached
  • Form for continuation
  • Second photograph
  • Bank receipt indicating payment of the per semester tuition fee if the applicant is not otherwise exempt

PLEASE NOTE: All original documents have to be presented as well as a German translation that was also authenticated in the originating country and was last authenticated by Austrian ambassador in that country. The last authentication is not required in cases when the public authentication is recognised by Austria because of treaties.

Admission restrictions

  • Admission restrictions may apply to the following collegiate programs:
  • Medicine
  • Other medical courses
  • Psychology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Bachelor studies as of the year 2010/2011
  • "Journalism and Communication Studies" (University of Vienna)
  • "Communication Studies" (University of Salzburg)
  • "Media and Communication Studies" (University of Klagenfurt)
  • Courses of study in especially high demand (according to article 14 University Act 2002)

The vice-chancellor of each university decides on the admission procedure. This may be implemented either before the studies are started or after admission within the first two semesters. Usually, selection procedures are held before admission. Please contact the individual universities for further information.

Student fees

The following provisions will apply to the university tuition fee beginning in summer 2013:

  • The tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens, permanent residents and persons enjoying equal rights as Austrians is of €363.36 per semester on top of the minimum period of study of any BA, MA or PhD programme.
  • Tuition fees from third-country students are 726.72 Euros per semester.
  • Irregular students enrolled only in certain lectures have to pay a tuition fee of €363.36 per semester regardless of their nationality.

Medical Insurance

You can apply to be co-insured with your parents (also grandparents or step-parents) or with spouse if you satisfy the prerequisites for co-insurance (under 27 years of age, proof of success similar to family allowance). 

Student Insurance

If no other protection is available, then the student has the option to insure him/herself at a discounted rate (in 2020: € 61.43 per month).


·         Total income of less than € 10,000 per year

·         Adherence to the duration requirement (minimum period plus one semester per study period plus four semesters)

·         At most two course of study changes

·         No completed course of study

 Volutary Self-Insurance

In the event that none of the above-mentioned possibilities is applicable, you may opt to self-insure. To avoid immediately being classified at the maximum rate, you must apply for reduction of the fee basis when applying for voluntary self insurance.

All insurance possibilities are only available by submitting an application to a health insurance institution, and they must be renewed after all breaks during the study period (e.g. if you have a mandatory insurance plan with a holiday job).

Working as a Student in Austria

If you are a citizen of a third country, you are subject to the Work Allowance Act governing foreign nationals and need an employment permit (Beschäftigungsbewilligung). This also applies to marginal employment.

An employment permit for students is available without a labour market test. Companies will apply for the permit at the Public Employment Service. Another requirement is that the primary reason for the stay is not jeopardized.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon graduation you can change from the residence permit "Students" to the Red-White-Red Card because you will qualify for a one-time one-year extension of your residence permit for your job search or starting a business.